Improve metabolism

Stimulate metabolism

Many people ask themselves: how can I stimulate my metabolism? We’ll show you the best tips and tricks and explain exactly what’s going on in your body, so you can quickly and safely boost your metabolism in 2017!

Basically, every person can only be as healthy as his metabolism!

A disturbed metabolism can severely impair the quality of life and leads, for example, to hypertension and obesity. On this website you will find all the information necessary to successfully stimulate your metabolism.

If you stick to the following tips and tricks, you can now live a healthier and more vital life.

In a nutshell
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water every day
  • Every day 10 hands full of fruits and vegetables
  • Sleep well, at least 7 hours
  • Doing sports to counteract stress

Why is it important to boost your metabolism?

The desire to stimulate his metabolism serves the goal of living a healthy life, losing weight more quickly and boosting fat burning and feeling at ease in your own body. In particular, losing weight is only possible with an intact and healthy metabolism!

Who does not honor the metabolism, for the weight loss is wrong!

We all know how difficult it can be to positively influence your metabolism, and you want to be on hand with valuable tips and tricks on this page.

Who wants to stimulate his metabolism, usually has a goal: healthy, slim and, above all, live self-confidently! Proper nutrition plays just as important a role as adequate exercise.

With a healthy metabolic rhythm the risk of health problems decreases. If you follow these guidelines, a special metabolic diet is usually unnecessary.

The advantages at a glance:

  • A fast metabolism means easier weight loss.
  • A stimulated metabolism promotes the burning of fat and thus leads to a higher life expectancy as well as more vitality and zest for action!
  • An optimally adjusted metabolism is an important prerequisite for a healthy life. This helps you to avoid poison and slag formation or storage.
  • An increased well-being as well as a permanent weight reduction are the consequences of a stimulated metabolism. The metabolic stimulation ensures a natural balance in the body and is based primarily on a balanced diet and sufficient exercise.

How to stimulate the metabolism?

There are many ways to positively influence and accelerate your metabolism. The following tips will help you to influence your metabolism, e.g. to lose weight fast and healthy.

The whole thing starts with a balanced, healthy and low-emission diet. Toxic substances, such as alcohol and nicotine, have a negative impact on human metabolism and therefore inhibit your metabolism.

With the following 7 tips, you can immediately start to boost your metabolism. They can be implemented quickly and can easily be integrated into everyday life. More detailed information about what the metabolism actually is, you get here.

1. Drink a lot of water every day

Did you know that the human body consists of 50-70% water? If you drink a lot of water daily throughout the day, you support your metabolism in detoxifying and strengthening your immune system.

Try water and unsweetened teas to make your new favorite drinks! These drinks help the body to naturally detoxify and excrete pollutants and toxins more quickly.

The daily amount depends on your lifestyle and your diet. In an unhealthy lifestyle, the body must detoxify more and the more you should take to liquid to you.

But this is only an approximate value, which depends on other factors. Do you move a lot physically, sweat a lot or work hard physically, you have to adjust the amount of fluid accordingly and take more to you.

It also increases the need for fluids through excessive consumption of alcohol, urine-boosting agents, stress, lack of sleep, summer temperatures, as well as salted and spicy foods. All of these factors can lead to a fluid increase of up to nine liters a day!

How effectively the metabolism works depends on the water content in the body. Therefore: If you want to live healthier, you must drink enough to drink enough liquid!

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

A general rule is: take many fresh and unprocessed foods to you. Try to avoid fast foods and ready meals mostly.

Try to keep a balanced and basic diet. This should consist primarily of the following foods:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • These foods contain a lot of soluble fiber, which has a direct positive effect on the metabolism.

The rule used to be “5 hands of fruit and vegetables a day”. Meanwhile, researchers have found out: 10 hands full of vegetables and fruits are much healthier! Here’s an example of how much you have to eat to reach those 10 hands.

3. More sport and exercise is needed

Especially quick and easy, the metabolism can be stimulated with sports activities! The best method is balanced exercise.

This includes, for example, jogging, swimming or Nordic walking, it can actively influence the metabolism.

In addition, it can increase the joy of life and recharge your batteries!

It does not have to be exhausting exercises in the gym: whether you go for jogging, swimming or long walks – exercise helps to activate your metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Build up muscles also increase the basal metabolic rate. So a few extra calories are burned.

4. Avoid lack of sleep

Too little sleep can lead to a slowed metabolism. Not only does this trigger an imbalance in the body, it also increases the risk of being overweight.

Some wander to the fridge at night and eat by uncontrolled eating. Others, who keep their daily calories, are on the rise because their metabolism is slowed by lack of sleep. Furthermore, lack of sleep leads to increased fatigue, listlessness and hormonal hunger.

So try to maintain an optimal sleep duration. In an adult, this is usually seven to nine hours.

5. Ensure stress balance

That ongoing stress situations are not healthy, is well known. These not only lead to psychological problems such as depression, but also to physical stress, such as overweight and obesity.

Therefore, it is important to find a balance for the stress that harmonizes and reunites the body and mind. First and foremost, this sports offers, which has a positive effect on your well-being as well as on your metabolism.

It may be a cliché: Yoga, Pilates and Co. are best suited for stress relief! Who has no desire and / or time for expensive yoga classes, who can do very well at home something. Here is a good video to get started.

6. Eat regular meals

Irregular meals brings the biochemical metabolic processes in the body in imbalance.

In order for the metabolism to work ideally, it is essential to have regular meals. Ideal are three main meals and two smaller snacks.

Against the small hunger in between you should eat best fruits and vegetables. If you also belong to the group of people who like to “nibble” in front of the TV, it would be advisable to rethink. Here are apple pieces or raw food from pepper and carrot strips with a delicious yogurt dip as an alternative to greasy chips and flips.

7. Do not lose heart!

Once the metabolism is out of balance, it takes time for fat burning to be felt. That is why it is important not to throw the shotgun into the grain right away if the weight does not change right at the beginning.

The focus is on positively influencing your metabolism so that you feel comfortable in your body. The positive side effect of a well-functioning metabolism is undoubtedly the accelerated fat burning.

Proven stamina and weight reduction will come sooner or later! By the way, you will notice much sooner how well, active and balanced you can feel with your new way of life.

The result: losing weight becomes easier!

As already mentioned several times, a healthy metabolism creates the basis for optimal fat burning. How does this work? A fast metabolism leads to a higher energy consumption; see our article about the different metabolic types.

So your body burns more calories by converting fat and carbohydrates into energy better and faster.

The higher energy consumption thus increases the fat burning, helps to stimulate the metabolism and thus promotes the weight loss process.

A slow and slow metabolism, on the other hand, not only results in lower energy consumption, but also delays the removal of toxins and pollutants from the body. Remedy can provide a metabolic treatment.

Conclusion to accelerate metabolism

If you want to permanently strengthen the immune system and accelerate the burning of fat, it is important to stimulate your metabolism in a healthy way and get started.

Start implementing the above tips today and you will feel the first results and their positive effects on your metabolism after only a few days!


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