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Stimulate metabolism with coffee

There are many different foods that have a different effect on your metabolism. In addition, the effect also differs in terms of which metabolic type you are.

Coffee is known to speed up your metabolism in the short term and really get the body going.

Studies show that coffee can not only accelerate the burning of fat and thus help with weight loss, but also promotes brain circulation and thus increases the ability to concentrate in the short term.

Why you can stimulate the metabolism with coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks in Germany in 2014 as well. Many people enjoy their coffee for breakfast, because it is known for its stimulating and alerting effect.

Over 70 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in Germany alone. Often, however, coffee is criticized and associated with increased consumption of high blood pressure.

But what is behind it, and how exactly does coffee affect the metabolism?

Caffeine, which is between 0.8% to 2% per bean, is responsible for the stimulating and alerting effect of the coffee bean.

The amount of caffeine in coffee depends on the selected coffee beans, but also on the brewing time with water. The longer the coffee draws, the stronger it gets!

Interestingly enough, neither the complex composition nor the exact ingredients have yet been clearly clarified.

The stimulating effect on metabolism and circulation is better known. Coffee helps to stimulate the metabolism.

After enjoying coffee, the blood vessels are enlarged. The heartbeat increases and thus the circulation of all organs is improved. This also results in an increased calorie consumption!

So anyone who drinks his coffee without milk and with little or no sugar, not only boosts his metabolism, but also promotes fat burning through the increased calorie requirement.

In addition, caffeine affects our breathing rhythm. Our bronchial vessels are dilated, breathing is accelerated.

Those who do not like to drink coffee can, as an alternative, e.g. take in green coffee extract.

The flavonoids, chlorogenic acids, resveratrol or melanoidins, which act through the roasting substances in coffee, work as antioxidants in the body.

They protect our body against free radicals and are known to prevent various diseases.

Coffee also acts as an appetite suppressant and can be used to prevent food cravings. He is also known as a digestive aid.

After a good cup of coffee or espresso, the gastric acid production is stimulated and the stomach and intestines get going really well.

The positive effect of coffee at a glance

Who would have thought: Coffee has a positive effect on our mood!

  • He increases the concentration.
  • Has an appetite suppressant effect.
  • Stimulates the digestive process after eating.
  • Speeds up metabolism and promotes fat burning.

How coffee affects the metabolism in the brain

Why does coffee actually increase the concentration in addition to our metabolism? This is simply because the caffeine increases the brain haemorrhage. This makes us better able to concentrate.

At the same time, our speed of reaction and the ability to absorb information increase in the short term.

However, this effect disappears again after about 30 to 45 minutes, which is why many people then grab the next cup. Therefore, you should also keep in mind the negative effects of coffee on your organism.

Negative effect of coffee with increased consumption

In short: An increased consumption of coffee also stimulates the formation of stress hormones in your body:

  • Caffeine stimulates adrenaline production in the adrenal gland, unnecessarily exposing our body to stress
  • Caffeine stimulates the production of norepinephrine. This is another stress hormone that raises heart rate and blood pressure.

Thus, an increased coffee consumption promotes a permanent state of stress in the body. Mood swings, insomnia or depression can be the result.


Coffee can be used to boost metabolism in the short term. However, coffee should always be enjoyed in moderation and should not be used as the only tool to lose weight quickly.

Only those who pay attention to their nutrition at the same time and exercise enough will be able to stimulate their metabolism in the long term to achieve the desired results.

Despite the positive effects of coffee, the drink should always be consumed in moderation. Otherwise, the above-mentioned side effects may occur, putting the body in a permanent stress situation.

If you want to know more about the good and bad effects of coffee, you are welcome to find out more here.


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