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Slimming on the stomach

Losing weight quickly on the stomach is still a desirable goal for many people. But is that actually so easy and targeted possible?

Our today’s ideal of beauty has its roots in the early 1980s, when the well-being belly slowly came out of fashion and both action movies from the US and the fitness and bodybuilding wave changed the mindset in this country permanently.

We owe it to charismatic people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone that the tough six-pack is still considered by many men and women to be the pinnacle of physical perfection.


Understandably, the burgeoning fitness industry has responded to this desire in recent decades by constantly bringing new programs, diets (recommended: the metabolic diet ) and training methods to men and women.

As most of you who have tried to achieve this goal can attest to, there is a lot more to losing weight in the abdomen than some people believe.

5 effective tips on how to lose your belly fat

Tip 1: Basic requirement: An adequate calorie deficit (Attention: this must not be too high, otherwise the yo-yo effect will occur)
Tip 2: A regular intake of fats
Tip 3: Complex carbohydrates are on the menu (eg in legumes and whole grains)
Tip 4: The Right Workout: High Intensity Interval Training
Tip 5: Stay tuned! Follow the rules permanently

Local fat loss is not possible

In the environment of the ubiquitous demand for beauty, youth and vitality is the desire to have a six-pack or at least to have a flat stomach , only too understandable and of course also welcome.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the fitness community, fueled by prayer-like repetitions in various media, there is still the belief that it would be possible to lose weight on the abdomen .

At this point, we would like to clear up with this stubborn myth, because the targeted fat loss at a certain point, whether through nutrition, massage or certain forms of training, is simply not possible.

But before we want to describe how you can still very effectively lose weight on the abdomen and thereby form a healthy body, we want to unmask the myth behind the myth on a biological way and thus eliminate it once and for all.

Why is not targeted abdominal weight loss possible?

We humans are not only spiritual individuals, but we also differ naturally in terms of our genetic characteristics, as well as the body composition in addition to the distribution of subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue.

As a result, one athlete tends to attach fat to the abdomen , while the limbs appear largely defined. Another athlete, on the other hand, benefits from an even distribution of body fat, while a third athlete, for his part, has a flat stomach , but particularly quickly applies passive body mass to the buttocks and limbs.

Concerning the genetic structure and the distribution of the fat reserves , the reverse effect also has an effect on the reduction of fat deposits within the framework of a calorie- reduced diet . Where the organism starts with fat loss and whether it does this at all parts of the body evenly or has preferences in this regard, can not be influenced by exogenous measures.

In plain language you are at the mercy of your genes. But with this knowledge in the background, you also have the opportunity to expose dubious promises right from the start, saving you time and money that you better invest in effective measures, some of which we would like to share with you.

Abs are made in the kitchen

This winged word, which is mainly used in English-speaking fitness communities, can also be reduced to the powerful statement “to be defined in the kitchen” in German, but actually says everything that is important for losing weight on the stomach .

The basic prerequisite, so that it can actually go ahead with the fat loss , is an adequate calorie deficit, because only if the organism consumes more energy than it gets supplied daily through the diet, this is forced to resort to the body’s own energy source, the depot fat.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is not really so simple, because the sustainable success in fat loss , whether this on the stomach, on the hip, on the buttocks or on the thighs should be done, can only be achieved through the right planning.

In this situation, especially beginners tend to make the caloric deficit too large, which leads exclusively to the fact that the diet is either stopped quickly or in the event of success increases the risk of the yo-yo effect massively.

As a result, it is important to first select a moderate energy deficit of around 500 kilocalories per day, which corresponds to a fat loss of around half a kilogram per week . With this measure, you ensure that your organism does not switch to the emergency metabolism, which protected us from starvation by reducing the metabolic rate, especially in the distant past.

The devil is in the details

With an energy deficit, however, it is not yet done, because the supply of the macronutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates has a decisive influence on the fat loss.

While the consumption of at least two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day ensures that the body energetically metabolizes as little muscle as possible during the course of the diet , regular intake of fats ensures that the body in the long term agrees to the accumulated To release pancetta as an energy source.

The background to this is the fact that fat, in its capacity as an essential nutrient, is involved in numerous metabolic processes that would not work without it.

It is therefore obvious that the organism tends to treat its fat reserves only very sparingly, if it considers that the daily nutrition is supplied too little supply for the medium-term life-support.

Our body is, as you can see, still trapped in the Stone Age and can not know that, in principle, we do not lack food, but for aesthetic reasons we only want to lose our stomachs. So it would be a fatal mistake to minimize the intake of fat , as is often claimed in many media.

In return, however, the much gescholtenen carbohydrates are necessary to ensure a reasonable diet, which guarantees optimal nutrition of the organism. Especially in the case of losing weight, however, special attention must be paid to the type of carbohydrates supplied .

Short-chain carbohydrates, such as refined sugar or white flour products should be avoided if possible.

With the right workout, you can reach your destination faster

Anyone who wants to have a flat stomach or a six-pack should not bother the effort to become active in sports, because otherwise even the best diet can degenerate into a pure starvation diet that also suffers a large amount of muscle, which is definitely not Sense of the thing should be.

Since there is no such thing as special exercises that allow the fat to melt on the belly , there is the bacon with the help of cardio training to deal with.

Sports science studies show in this regard that the endurance training recommended by many trainers according to the credo “Slow and steady” is much less effective than previously assumed.

Significantly more effective is the so-called High Intensity Interval Training , HIIT for short , which corresponds to a highly intensive interval training in different pulse zones and combines the different energy harvesting mechanisms of our organism and maximizes the total energy consumption based on the calorie balance.

The time savings are particularly advantageous, because such a HIIT workout usually takes no longer than 20 minutes , but burns at least as many calories as a long endurance training in a low pulse range.

In addition, there is a measurable afterburning effect from the scientific side , which describes a slightly increased metabolic rate in the hours after the workout, which in turn means more energy is used.

How the six-pack comes to light

For the simple and comparatively fast weight loss on the stomach , the previous measures are already sufficient.

However, if you are out to bring out his six-pack , you should keep in mind that this can only come to the fore if the subcutaneous adipose tissue on the abdomen actually has enough trained muscles .

Strength training thus becomes a key component that rounds off the overall package, but does not alone lead to a local reduction of fatty tissue .

Even though we repeat here, it can not be emphasized enough that completing countless sit-ups will not result in fat loss or the development of strong abs .

It is clear why the latter is the case in particular, if we get used to the idea that in the case of the abdominal musculature it is also conventional muscle tissue, which differs only marginally in its muscle fiber composition from a biceps or a pectoralis major.

Ultimately, the abdominal muscles must be attacked just as hard as any other muscle for the purpose of producing a suprathreshold growth stimulus.

Consequently, abdominal muscle training should also take place in a repetition range of eight to a maximum of twelve repetitions, whereby the adjustment of the intensity by the use of weights is obligatory.


If you follow the right strategy and can not be blinded by half-truths from relevant media, losing weight on the stomach is not as complex as it seemed at the beginning.

The important thing is that you actually follow the few rules mentioned permanently and do not be discouraged by small setbacks, because only then will you really achieve your goal of a flat and well toned stomach . You may be interested, too, as you can lose weight without exercise, but we have you here provided once the 5 best tips together.


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