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Quickly lose weight without sports – 5 ingenious tips

Is losing weight fast without exercise possible? It is not least due to our modern beauty ideals and steadily increasing health awareness that the topics of fitness and weight loss are always on everyone’s lips.

In particular, luridly relevant media serve our preference to achieve things quickly and without great effort.

It’s no wonder that headlines such as ” lose weight fast without sport ” or ” five kilos less in a week ” dominate the media environment and let some people who want to lose weight fall into a treacherous trap , because all these programs have a crucial catch.

Losing weight quickly without sports – all empty promises?

The catch is not that losing weight without exercise or weight loss is impossible (on the contrary, it is possible ), but refers to the blatant abuse of the all-too-human hope of achieving something quickly.

Phrases like “Good things take time” or “Rome was not built in one day” are not limited to architecture or social development processes, but to all things of life that should last.

Before we tell you how to fight off your excess pounds healthily and sustainably even without exercise, we see it as our duty, the glamor gazettes’ full-bodied promises regarding the breathtaking weight loss, the wind from the sails to take.

That the reduction of five kilograms of body fat per week is absolutely illusory, is already clear from the energetic component, because one kilogram of body fat has a calorific value of around 7,000 kilocalories .

If you want to lose five kilograms of fat per week, this would mean a necessary saving of 35,000 kilocalories, that is about the loss of the entire weekly energy intake of a high-performance athlete!

Thus, it is obvious that such an energy deficit, which is achievable only with the help of a very low food intake and a sprawling training program, is neither healthy nor practicable.

However, since we do not want to go too deeply into this matter with regard to this topic, we do not want to focus on the micro-level with the extremely extreme characteristics of the most diverse fashion diets, but only describe the consequences of the often one-sided diets .

What consequences do extreme diets have?

Full-bodied dietary promises are usually simply based on an extreme calorie deficit, which initially also leads to the reduction of body fat , but can quickly turn into the opposite.

The cause is human biology, which is still stuck in the days when we roamed the wilderness as hunter-gatherers and were all too often confronted with long periods of starvation.

Accordingly , the organism interprets an extreme diet as a hunger phase and reacts with a reduction in the metabolic activity or, in other words, with the change in hunger . In order to save energy, among other things energy wasters such as muscle cells are deliberately released for energetic use.

As a result, the organism not only breaks down muscle, but also tends to convert nutrients into body fat extremely efficiently as soon as they become available, so as to be better prepared for such an extreme phase the next time around. After all, our body can not know that our purpose is not life and death.

What is really behind the weight loss?

However, this still does not explain why it is the case that within a week, the desired goal of losing five kilograms, is still achieved. Admittedly, part of the weight loss actually results from the degradation of depot fat , but the bulk is simply water.

Water that is flushed out of the body, among other things by the almost complete emptying of the glycogen stores, because every gram of glycogen binds up to 2.8 milliliters of liquid per se. With an assumed glycogen content of 600 grams, the weight loss attributable to it alone affects almost two and a half kilograms.

The reduced food intake also does its usual thing in the form of a low weight of intestinal contents, so at the end of the day can actually account for five kilograms.

The sham will notice, however, at the latest after two weeks. This raises the question of how losing weight can be made comparatively fast as well as healthy and sustainable without resorting to sports.

How food helps you lose weight

Tip I: Use foods with low energy density

To put this into action, it is recommended that you choose a moderate energy deficit that is a maximum of 1,000 kilocalories per day , which is a weekly loss of one kilogram of fat .

Of course, the basis for this energy deficit is your diet, which you should plan accordingly. It is especially important to control the feeling of hunger against the background of energy shortage by focusing primarily on foods that have a very low energy density, as they consist mainly of water.

We recommend a calorie deficit of max. 1,000 kcal / day!

Obviously, this primarily concerns fruits and vegetables . In addition, these foods have the added benefit of high fiber content that swells in the gastrointestinal tract and provides long-lasting satiety so you do not even get tempted to overeat. In addition, the fibers support the stabilization of blood sugar levels, so that fluctuation cravings also fail.

Tip II: Use the Thermic Effect of Food

Another aspect that will help you increase fat burning without sports is the so-called Thermic Effect of Food . This effect describes the amount of energy that needs to be expended in the digestion of a food in order to harness the nutrients it contains to the body, and what proportion of the energy it contains simply dissipates in the form of heat .

While carbohydrates are processed very efficiently, they are particularly proteins whose digestion causes a high energy loss in the form of heat.

In principle, so your digestive tract takes over the athletic component of your diet – if only to a small extent. Overall, it makes perfect sense to resort to complex macronutrients such as proteins , polyunsaturated fatty acids and long-chain carbohydrates .

Tip III: Boost your metabolism with stimulating spices and stimulants

In order to be able to lose weight relatively quickly even without exercise , it is necessary to stimulate the metabolism by exogenous factors and stimuli. For men and women very easy to implement is the use of spices, which have a stimulating effect on the body and thereby acceleratethe metabolism .

  • Chili is one of the absolute classics, because the capsaicin contained in it not only causes the irritation, but can increase the thermogenesis , ie the heat production , in the organism for up to three quarters of an hour by up to 25 percent . So, if you eat spicy regularly, you’ll increase your calorie consumption noticeably. In any case, you should be able to find corresponding recipes on the net or in one of the numerous cookbooks with ease.
  • Another long-running stimulant is caffeine , which already accompanies many men and women on a daily basis. In addition to the increased heat production, which can be safely attributed to the caffeine thanks to scientific studies, the alkaloid also directly promotes fat burning , by making it easier to use fatty acids energetically. Optimal is the use immediately after a meal.

Tip IV: Slender sleep actually works

When asked ” How can I lose weight quickly “, the answer ” While Asleep ” sounds logically not too obvious, but in fact behind the concepts of ” Slim in sleep diets ” is a true core.

Especially in the evening, after the last meal is already a few hours ago, shifts the hormonal milieu of the organism and allows optimal fat burning .

Among other things, this is due to the fact that the insulin level in the blood is significantly lower due to the lack of nutrient uptake, which in turn makes it possible to increase the so-called growth hormone (HGH).

This hormone is not only essential for regenerative processes but also ensures optimal fat burning.

Characteristically, which is HGH secretion highest in the deep sleep phase, so get your fat burningas it were controlled during sleep can. However, it should be about eight hours of sleep to actually make use of the effect and, moreover , to benefit from the numerous health benefits of a sufficient sleep duration .

Tip V: Drink a lot for fat loss

Our body has a core temperature between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius , which it must maintain by spending a great deal of energy to guarantee the functioning of all physiological processes.

It is no secret that the organism has to expend a large part of the food-derived energy for exactly this thermoregulation . You can take advantage of this effect by taking in a lot of liquid, which the body first has to heat to body temperature.

We already know from physics lessons that the heating of water is very energy consuming , the energy expenditure in the case of the organism increases, the colder the liquid is. With the help of cold drinks, you can demand an energetic performance from your body, which you otherwise only achieve with the help of sport.

It is not only sensible to drink a lot against the background of optimized fat burning, because detoxification via the kidneys also works optimally only within the scope of sufficient hydration.

As a rule of thumb, you can assume a fluid intake of one liter per twenty kilograms of body weight per day. Whether you rely on water, non-calorific soft drinks or tea is up to you.

Recommended is one liter of water per 20 kg of body weight daily.


The bottom line, there are quite a few methods how you want your weight loss pace and increase without it can, although you should not expect miracles. Nevertheless, the discipline to meet the established calorie deficit in the long term is the basis for a sustainable diet. Losing weight quickly without exercise is thus only marginally possible.


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