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To make it easier to lose weight, many people are using appetite suppressants in the form of tablets from pharmacies or drugstores. But you do not always have to resort to such appetite inhibitors! You can also tackle the cravings naturally.

A balanced diet and exercise let the pounds melt without any side effects. Here you will get tips on the subject of metabolism and weight loss and natural appetite suppressants.

A fast weight reduction, which promise many artificial appetite suppressants, which are often available over the counter in the pharmacy to buy. Appetite suppressants in the brain affect the hunger center or swell up in the stomach and signal in the brain: I am full.

But we can also achieve this effect in a completely natural way through a well thought-out diet.

So how can we influence our metabolism via natural appetite suppressants?

“It depends a bit on what we mean by appetite suppressants,” explains Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Christine Graf. She works at the German Sport University Cologne at the Institute for Movement and Neuroscience / CHILT.

“If one starts from ‘Sattmachern’, it includes food with a lot of fiber, such as. a. Fruit and vegetables. But a protein-rich diet can help you lose weight. ”

For example, topinambur and the amino acid 5-HTP (as a natural precursor to serotonin) may be useful in weight loss.

Nonetheless, alternative practitioner Kohn warns that not everything that is considered an ‘appetite suppressant’ also has such an effect.

Enzyme-rich foods accelerate fat burning and metabolism. These include, for example, not only the pineapple, but also tannins, such as those contained in green tea or in coffee.

“Nevertheless, there is no effective proof of how much is needed to boost the metabolism,” the professor says.

Sonja Kohn also sees benefits in foods containing natural iodine. These stimulate the production of thyroid hormones in a proven hypothyroidism (see metabolic disorder and metabolic diseases) and thus can have a positive effect on weight loss – a diseased thyroid gland can lead to increased appetite.

Recommended luxury food

In addition, foods with a high L-tryptophan content are recommended. So: L-tryptophan is converted into serotonin in the brain and reduces our hunger.

Foods in which L-tryptophan occurs, such. Cashew kernels, bananas and dark chocolate (high cocoa content, 70-80%), are true mood-makers and prevent cravings.

In case of stress – feeling hungry

This flares up again and again when we have chronic stress. Then it comes to an excessive consumption of vital minerals. Stress goes to the substance, so to speak.

The body notices this deficit and signals us ‘hunger’, especially because magnesium is missing and thus the desire for sweetness arises. Many people know after stressful days the ‘sweet hunger’, which attacks them especially in the evening and hardly slows down.

“Magnesium phosphoricum as Schussler salt (D6) fills existing deficits, so that the craving sweetened is reduced,” says Kohn and adds that also may be an acidification of the body.

Pills, drops and powder as an appetite suppressant?

Many people are looking for help in pill form to get slim as soon as possible. So you can order many appetite suppressants on the Internet or in the pharmacy.

Even in the drugstore can be found various weight loss aids or diet.

But what effect do they develop? Do you possibly harm your health or have side effects?

“Many appetite suppressants have been removed from the market, the few that are still in the trade, have lost importance,” says Tanja Franz.

Because they have immense side effects – for example, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, depressed mood, nausea or constipation. Especially people with a contraindication, such as cardiac arrhythmia, must refrain from such funds.

Various weight loss products containing the active substance orlistat (as a freely available or prescription variant) contain the inhibitor gastrointestinal lipases.

This means that it inhibits fats, so that they are not absorbed and consequently excreted unchanged.

Thus, the calorie count absorbed by the body is reduced. However, as a result of ingestion oily / greasy bowel movements occur and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins may be impaired.

Another variant are preparations which have a certain swelling capacity. This means they should swell in the stomach after ingestion and should fill it up. This reduces the feeling of hunger.

Overall, the experience with appetite suppressants in pill form shows: Often, the preparations are not suitable for everyday use or harm more than they use.

Therefore, one should rather resort to natural appetite inhibitors! These are not only safe, but also healthy!


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