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Metabolism stimulate with Schuessler salts – So it goes!

For nearly 150 years, there Schuessler salts.

And still their followers are firmly convinced of the power of the small tablets, which are closely related to homeopathy globules and Co.

Originally, the development of Schuessler salts was about the healing of disease symptoms. Recently, however, they are also commonly used to stimulate slow metabolism and improve fat burning.

But what influence can the salts really have on your body and how does this affect your weight and your customer success?

Tissue Salts – What is it?

Schuessler salts are alternative medicinal mineral salt preparations, which go back to the physician Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. This was a practicing in the 19th century homeopathic doctor, who assumed that diseases caused by an unbalanced mineral distribution in the body.

Schuessler stated in the General Homeopathic Newspaper in 1873 that, instead of thousands of homeopathic remedies, 12 salts would be enough to treat almost all diseases.

For this one must potentiate the salts, that is, the mineral salts are diluted with water, alcohol or with milk sugar so far that the original salt is partially no longer detectable.

This is one of the basic principles of homeopathy, which assumes that the effect of the original ingredient is even enhanced by the potentiation.

Schuessler was of the opinion that the highly diluted minerals – and thus isolated ions – act directly inside the cell.

Schüßler salts are administered in the form of small white tablets.

Even though he was originally a homeopath, Schuessler’s salts were not a homeopathic remedy for him, even though the tablets are potentiated like homeopathic remedies.

However, the doctrine of the Schuessler salts is not based on the motto that similar things can be cured with something similar, as is the case in homeopathy. This theory is called “simile principle”.

Instead, according to Schuessler, those mineral deficiencies that are ultimately triggers of the respective diseases should be systematically compensated by one of 12 potentiated salts or a combination of these.

Scientifically, neither the effect of Schuessler salts nor that of other homeopathic remedies has been proven. Nonetheless, since the end of the 18th century many alternative practitioners and patients have been swearing by alternative medicine.

For mild ailments and harmless diseases, homeopathic remedies and treatment with Schüßler salts are by no means hazardous to health.

However, if you suffer from a serious illness, you should definitely seek medical help and not rely solely on Schuessler salts!

Metabolism stimulate with Schuessler salts


Since Tissue Salts – at least in theory – can be used against all kinds of ailments and diseases, they are wonderful, even preventively, against a sluggish metabolism and impaired metabolic processes usable.

Different combinations of Schuessler salts are recommended always to boost your metabolism.

Below we give you an overview of all Schuessler salts, which are set in connection with an accelerated metabolism and show the effect of the individual salts on your body and especially your metabolism.

No. 4 Potassium chloratum

supports sugar and protein metabolism
responsible for the functioning of nerves and muscles
has a positive influence on the stomach and stomach
bowel movements

No. 8 sodium chloratum

regulates the fluid and heat balance
ensures that nutrients get into the cell
activates digestive enzymes
regulates the acid-base balance

No. 9 Sodium Phosphoricum

stimulates digestion
regulates the conversion of nutrients into physically usable ones
Substances and thus important metabolic processes
neutralizes excess acid in the body, helps u.a. against

No. 10 Sodium Sulfuricum

detoxifies and stimulates excretory processes of the body
works against tiredness due to a sluggish metabolism
regulates digestion process, v.a. the pancreas

No. 6 Potassium sulfuricum

helps the metabolism in which it is the oxygen transport
from the blood into the interior of the cell
promotes bile juice formation

No. 18. Calcium sulfuratum

regulates the general metabolism
detoxifies and detoxifies
has an antioxidant effect
helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fat and protein

No. 23 Sodium bicarbonicum

helps against hyperacidity
works against tiredness due to a sluggish metabolism
regulates digestion process, v.a. the pancreas

So Tissue Salts and globules support the Stoffwechselkur

Of course, you can do a metabolic treatment at any time without Schüßler salts. However, it is not uncommon for homeopathic remedies or Schuessler salts to be recommended on a diet.

In the hCG metabolic cure or hCG diet, e.g. daily homeopathic globules prepared from the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

Combinations of Schuessler salts can be put together on their own or ordered online as metabolic therapy sets.

The compositions of which can vary widely. Likewise, there is no uniform approach to the course of the cure.

It is particularly important is not to let diet and exercise aside, because losing weight burn fat and you can not by taking Schuessler salts, globules or other tablets alone!

The salts can maximize your metabolic processes, but not take over the work of a diet for you.

The sequence

Here is a summary of the most important points:

  1. For the first three days, take 1 tablet of each salt 6 times a day.
  2. Slowly dissolve all tablets in the mouth.
  3. In the following 3 – 6 weeks, the tablets are taken only 3 times a day.
  4. Drink at least one cup of mate, green or nettle tea every day!
  5. In case of general cravings, you can take a pill of the # 4 salt, if you have an appetite for sweet or fat you can take a No. 9 tablet.
  6. A healthy and calorie-reduced diet with lots of vegetables and regular exercise and sports (3 – 6 x / week) are required!

Pharmacist and systemic coach Ann-Katrin Kossendey cooking recommends the salts Nos. 4, 8, 9 and 10 for a Stoffwechselkur with Schuessler salts.

Experiences to metabolism Active cure with Schuessler salts

The experience with the metabolic-active-cure with Schuessler salts are very different.

In the various online communities you can read about positive customer experiences. Sometimes, however, the opinion prevails that this is nothing more than “esotericism”.

The fact is that, despite the lack of clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Schuessler salts on the metabolism, many people perceive a change in their metabolic processes, making their weight loss easier.

Conclusion: stimulate metabolism with Schuessler salts and homeopathy – what is possible?

Whether or not placebo effect: Schuessler salts can make a noticeable difference in the metabolism and make losing weight noticeably easier.

Especially in combination with a nutrition and sports program, you can guarantee your fat burning guaranteed.

You should nevertheless be aware that serious metabolic disorders and illnesses require conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.

In a metabolic treatment with Schuessler salts, however, you generally have nothing to lose health and can only benefit from it!



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